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Aaryan Patel - Founder

Gujjuroots is a non-profit organization with its goal being to nurture the Gujarati heritage to the younger generation. Jr. High School student, Aaryan Patel whose mission is to nurture Gujarati Heritage by empowering grade-school students via Gujarati school-clubs and other cultural events such as in the performing arts.
Aaryan was intrigued and wanted to pursue this dream, and did so by visiting Rann Utsav with his grandparents during his latest trip to India. There he saw many families, much less fortunate who had to skip out on common daily practices, in order to sustain their families. Children had to skip their schooling, in order to sell artistic items to incoming tourists which helped to establish a simple form of daily living for the families...

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School Club

The aim of the club program is to reach grade school students to be able to share their findings on the Gujarati culture. We hand our curriculum off to motivated and forward-thinking students, so they can conduct cultural activities throughout the school year, supported by our detailed resources, and mentorship staff.
The club president will be given tasks to promote cultural activities—to learn and perform on activities as directed by The focus is on team work by learning, teaching and applying from results to promote activities such as cultural performing art from Gujarat. The creativity of the school clubs will be published and awarded with scholarships.

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We provide club presidents with lessons and activites, designed to lead cofounder teams through the steps of starting a company.


Club leaders ge access to our curriculum and trainings, while members are supported with guidance from mentors.

Gujjuroots Events


Raas, Garba, and Folk Performing Arts Competition
This year we have taken the privilege of inviting you to the most prestigious FOGANA 2019 – garba, raas, and folk dance competition on Saturday, June 15th 2019 at the Stafford Center located at 10505 Cash Rd. Stafford TX 77477. With your help, we can preserve our rich and proud traditional heritage and culture of folk dances. We need your support to bring FOGANA back to keep Gujarat’s rich culture of folk dances alive to offer advantage to our youth in adapting to mainstream America as per FOGANA mission. In order to support this mission of Aaryan Patel, the Gujarati Samaj of Houston has decided to collaborate and provide mentorship to his foundation

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